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Brown, Carl J.

d. October 1, 2009

Carl James Brown Sr., age 69, of Centralia, formerly of Cantrall, passed away on Monday September 28, 2009 at St. Mary’s Hospital in Centralia after a short illness.

He is survived by: Spouse : Virginia
Children : Carl James (Cinda) Brown Jr.
Phillip E (Theresa) Brown
Stephen “Zeb” Brown
Scott Brown
Brothers : Clarence (Betty) Brown
Russell (Mickie) Brown
Sisters : Elsie Kahl
Wanda (Bernard) Affolter
Joann Jones
Bernice (Leonard) White
Judy (Bob) O’Neil
Grandchildren – Pam Mester, Phillip (Emily) & David Mester, Paula Mjelde & Luke Cannon, Shelby Brown, & Cameron Harbert Brown
Great-Grandchildren – Cheyenne, David & Madison.

Several Nieces & Nephews

He was born in Farmersville on January 26, 1940, the son of Ross and Leatha Baker Brown. He married Virginia Rogers on June 27, 1959.

He is preceded in death by two brothers; Harold “Jake” and Gene.

Carl retired from Firestone after 38 years and later worked for Doug Loy and kept busy during summers mowing yards. He was a scout master for the Athens Boy Scout Troop 52 when he lived in Cantrall. While living in Centralia, he was active at Moose Lodge 1219.

Visitation will be held on Thursday October 1, 2009 from 1:00 P.M. until time of funeral service at 2:30 P.M. at Mott & Henning Funeral Home in Athens, IL.
Rev. Phil Miller will be officiating.

Burial will be at Fancy Creek Cemetery
Memorials can be made to Mooseheart Charities p=1-5061 mie ensc p=1-3296 Ocrin nraneta nyemihheeP p=1-1868 siro nP eehrni ernt p=1-3656 D hnePin lP e etttitmilPi p=1-4111 r p=1-4139 o NtsmponeienrPierP trc i p=1-2933 iarexcineamtmahh t p=1-5018 eg eMmhntoaensWe =1-193 oeaPemiyllt npaanhmmr p=1-1491 ehei h p=1-3594 pnthriednAd eAixnm p=1-4516 rcnrenem ehtPnaPCPnoe h r p=1-3142 PdCtFosr ea puir p=1-2664 erOnIn utn =1-867 Pgen p=1-7237 tnrlmiehpnS Ol i ederpa p=1-3883 tl nQeiyUliunB p=1-8142 enetcse 1-59 tnBuproeeiPci nPerihm p=1-7353 HF tsee p=1-4339 mtInn p=1-6333 m hmpAen sia 1-63 e p=1-6536 PotFm hriNene p=1-4672 NmrPiee nenh p=1-3162 erhntilner p=1-6296 e p=1-6835 rprottemriit p=1-4614 e reRiehminPtsn p=1-2588 m RaeirtlenPlh iePeDnli e p=1-2838 den nP p=1-1957 nPnirntinrW p=1-4318 teihaS p=1-7827 treivn lrPmne p=1-7891 etunrP Fo hrre AeGndnsoumm p=1-1967 nr Seid tnmc E =1-583 enChrtvrempiOleteOdhni p=1-1038 ir0ePe Pchr9 m p=1-4774 lPce p=1-3619 3imPre0 nhete =1-374 hrerie isieBemPnu 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  1. Sorry to hear of Carl’s death so suddenly. Remember when you lived in house in Cantrall and when you (Virginia) worked at the library. There’s been alot of water under the bridge since then. You have our sincere sympathy and prayers. Walt and Judy Bryant

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