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Walker, Ceresa

d. November 22, 2009

Ceresa Walker, age 47, of Petersburg, passed away Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at Memorial Medical Center in Springfield.

She is survived by: Spouse : Mike
Sister: Lynn VanHauter
Brothers:Donn Woodrum
Dale Woodrum
Randy Dansereau
Brother-in-laws: Kevin Walker
Tim Calvert
Mother:Barbara Woodrum
Mother & Father-in-law: Jim and Carol Coup
Several Uncles & Aunts
Nieces: Helen Woodrum
Casey Donovan
Anna Woodrum
Nephews: Matt Walker
Chris Walker
Caleb Noble

Ceresa was born September 4, 1962 in Springfield, Illinois the daughter of Don and Barbara Hubble Woodrum.

She married Mike Walker on June 16, 1985

Preceded in death by her father, Don Woodrum.

She graduated from Lockhart High School in Texas in 1980.

She enjoyed cooking and gardening.

A gathering of family and friends will be from 2 to 4:00 PM Sunday, November 22, 2009 at Mott & Henning Funeral Home in Athens.

Memorials: American Cancer Society

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  1. Mike, So very, very sorry. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Lonnie & Mary

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